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After 29 years of owning Valentino's Cafe & Ice Cream Parlor, the foundation is trying to kick us out of the courthouse in downtown Crown Point. As many of you know, one of the owners, Stacy Jaroscak, was sick with cancer before she passed away in April 2013. We had a verbal agreement after she passed to get caught up on rent. In December 2013 there was an argument that caused them to take legal action against us. This has been the family business and only source of income and for 29 years we have been on good terms with the foundation. This place was very important to Stacy amd now its existence is being threatened. Please take time to express your opinions at click contacts and let them know that you want Valentino's to stay in the courthouse. 


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Check out our article in The Times here: 

These are the names of VOLUNTEER members of the nonprofit organization that runs the historic lake courthouse in downtown crown point. These are supposed to be upstanding community leaders and it has been brought to our attention that theyare ALLEGEDLY using their authority to give favor to a board member and a partner by trying to take our business and space from us.

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Welcome ​to Valentino's Cafe & Ice Cream Parlor in the historic Old Lake County Courthouse. "The Grand Old Lady," Crown Point's historic courthouse was  built in 1878. It was listed on the the National Historic Places in 1973.  

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